Pudaier Microblading Eyebrow Pen Color #03 Coffee

Pudaier Microblading Eyebrow Pen Color #03 Coffee

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Pudaier® Unique comb-type applicator for Eyebrow

Painless & affordable: no need for Microblading

Real hair-like strokes: natural brows in seconds

Natural colors: three natural shades

Unique comb-type applicator for precise control and buildable colour payoff.  Lightweight formula that creates a clean finish while providing natural shine on hair even in one stroke.  Does not smudge; rub off or flake. Water-resistant texture that resists to sweat and sebum.  Comfortable to wear all day long.

For an elegant; sophisticated way to makeup eyebrows; the new brow comb makes it possible to create clean; groomed brows in the same way you can achieve smooth; neat hair.

Its formula contains double flexible polymer; which coats brows to make them appear smooth and clean and to provide protection against water and oil. Additionally; film forming polymer creates a natural; glossy shine. Available in 3 shades.


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